This absolutely delicious beef stew is perfect for busy weeknights or weekend. Just follow the recipe below and put everything into a crock pot and come home to the heavenly aroma of a perfectly-cooked stew. It doesn’t get more comfort-food than this! Here’s how to make this beautiful dish:


2 lbs chuck stew meat, 1 inch pieces
1 whole onion quartered
flour to coat the stew meat
olive oil
2 cups red wine (dry)
tomato paste
3-4 cups of beef stock
two carrots
two stalks of celery
roux or “roux balls”
8 small red potatoes quartered

Start with a splash of olive oil and lightly sauté the onions.  In a plastic bag, put the meat, salt, pepper and flour and shake so all the meat is coated.  Toss that in with the onions on a medium heat and brown all sides.  Add the wine, thyme and about a large tablespoon of tomato paste and reduce all the liquid out until you have a slurry.  Put that in a crock pot and add the stock.  Cook for about an hour on high and then dice celery and carrots and add to the crock pot.  In a separate pan, bring the red potatoes to a boil in salted water for about 10 minutes. This is your base in the plate, you can also use buttered noodles.